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About Leadx Removals

We service large corporations, government institutions, universities, and colleges. The company offers a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from large-scale tasks, laboratory relocations, to rubbish disposal. Our helpful staff deals with all the administration and logistics involved making the moving out experience comfortable.

The company provides a full packing service or part packing to the remaining household goods after the client packing some of their personal stuff. As part of the move, our trained experts dismantles and reassembles any furniture with caution leaving no dents or scratches. We are flexible with our services no matter which time of the day your move is.

Leadx Removals pays attention to details presented to us and fulfills any special requests regarding fragile belongings in your house or office. We take necessary care required from packing, transportation to the destination location. Removals Regulatory Board monitors our business to ensure we keep up with the regulations and high standards required.

Also, all our vehicles come in good condition and undergo regular service maintenance for efficiency and reliable services. For non-interrupted services, we have all our machinery checked and approved by the Inspection Board before releasing them for work. Leadx is proudly accredited by The Environmental Agency for rubbish removal services in the town. The company executes its services with consideration of the impact on the environment.

Besides disposing of the waste in the right manner, we use quality recycled materials in our packaging. With several years of the different removal services, our range of services is vast growing from the high demand we receive from new and old clients. Nothing counts like having excellent experience in execution of the removal services.

Leadx Removals has overseen big tasks from contracts with building contractors for debris collection in a corporate organization with IT equipment. We understand the costs involved in moving or relocating an office. Our rates are cost-effective without compromising on the service delivery. Leadx gives value for your money.

All our employees execute their work with professionalism and enthusiasm. Their customer service is top notch and you will find them neatly dressed in our uniform. To keep up with the latest technology, we offer training seminars to the staff and highlight on the new skill required in their respective field.

Leadx has invested in the best tools and machinery increasing the efficiency of our services. We are not limited to the distance of the move, whether you are moving to the nearby street, or from one city to another, Leadx is there for you all the way.

Our site manager offers free site visit for assessing purposes before sending our team to your premise. Also, we offer advice on any matter regarding the house, home, and rubbish removal services. We provide you with a written quotation for the job indicating the entire breakdown of the costs involved.

We pride our reputation on transparency and outstanding service delivery beyond client’s expectations. Our aim is making all our customers satisfied with the task assigned to us.

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