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Rubbish Removals

We are committed to offering value for your money and excellent customer service delivery. Any task assigned to us doesn’t matter be it a small domestic junk clearance or a larger commercial project. The company offers competitive quotes for all rubbish requirements.

Also, our customer care team advises on the best package to choose based on your waste clearance needs. This eliminates unnecessary payment charges experienced by other companies. With the bulk collection of old furniture, clothes, reading materials, and household accessories in good condition, we donate them to the charitable organizations. They make use good of the items by either selling them or re-using them.

We have over 10 years in the industry. This has overseen us as the best company offering excellent rubbish removals in Cardiff. We have a vast knowledge of the requirements needed in the waste disposal process. The company has capitalized on the latest machinery and tools. We incorporate the new technology in the execution of the service.

All our employees are qualified for different tasks in the various department of the company. On regular basis, we undertake training conferences for the staff in order to keep up with new changes arriving in the industry. During the cleanup process, we undertake necessary precautions not to damage any of items in your premise.

Any hazardous waste is taken of care and the staff dresses in the right protective clothing ensuring no pollution take place when executing their work. Our service is available to domestic and commercial sectors. The services include house clearance, de-cluttering, kitchen and bathroom removal, loft clearance, garden, and garage cleanup. Commercial services include shop and office clearance, waste containers disposal, hazardous waste collection, trade and clinical waste handling, road sweeping and much more.

Our major clients include government offices, residential estates, learning institutions, and private organizations, churches, and NGOs firms. The company pays free site visit before starting the task. This enables us to plan efficiently for the job and allocating the right manpower to the ground.

Leadx adheres to the rules and policies bestowed upon us by the Environmental Agency and Removals Board. We are licensed by these bodies to undertake rubbish removals services in Cardiff. The company handles all collected waste appropriately by disposing of the rubbish in the stated disposal provisions.

Also, we are eco-friendly and carry out recycling of all unwanted garbage. Our service is available upon immediate requests with others on contract basis either weekly or monthly. For domestic residents, we provide waste collection on specific days of the week.

We deploy waste pods in the estates designed to keep waste out of sight and secure from the children playing within the compound. Our broad range of vehicles allows carrying as much waste up to 16 tones as well as one man van and Lorries for minor rubbish collection.

With such trucks, we handle waste pods and construction site waste efficiently. The company will invoice the client on completion of the job and assurance of satisfaction by the customer. For any rubbish removal services, call us for an instant quote. 

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